“creativity is a drug, i can not live without” – cecil b. demille

… and as i’m sure most of you will agree not only cecil b. demille felt this way. ever since i can remember i have always felt the need to create, this, a feeling that has never really left me. from as young as i could put pencil to paper i was rarely seen without the two, forever drawing and doodling. at the age of eighteen, doubting my abilities in illustration i became increasingly more interested in photography, starting with good old film photography. i delved into a college course in traditional photography and have been hooked ever since. regrettably, i no longer have my film camera but my dslr has continued to help me express myself and keep my creativity flowing. ten years after my first photography course and a few years of what I can only express as “photographers block” i am back and blogging. i hope you enjoy the up and coming posts. LA ❤

(p.s the writing part of all of this blogging malarky, is not my forte)


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