new artistic approach :: 2017

… New year, new me. We hear it all the time. With the turn of each new year humans around the planet give themselves new aspirations and goals to achieve. I must say, I too am no stranger to the phrase, but this year, I intent to follow it up with actions.

I am turning thirty this year, I’m not sure if others in my position have had the same feelings as I am getting when they are approaching the big three oh, but, now, more than ever, I have an overwhelming urge to chase my dreams, follow my passion but all the while staying true to myself.

I have spent most of my life being a ‘people pleaser’ but in the process losing who I truly am. Last year, I learned how to snap out of that unhealthy way of thinking and began to find myself again. Part of that was finding my passion again… ART. Even as an artist/photographer instead of following my inner creativity I have given the people what they want, not what I, as an artist, want them to see.

This year that alllllll changes. 2017 is the year I stop pandering to mainstream likes and dislikes and creating images and art that I am passionate about… this is a way of photography I have been playing about with on my own for a while, wither that be through my travel photography or personal photographs however this is now a look I will be branching out to all areas of my photography.

This year as a photographer I aim to pull from my Traditional Photography roots, making the images I take feel rustic and natural with a delicate vintage sense. I hope to carry this out in an authentic nature, providing real, honest images of a candid character.  The aim of this type of photography is to use light, colour, texture and nature to provide refreshing, free spirited images.

Wish me luck…. LA ❤


One thought on “new artistic approach :: 2017

  1. This post is especially relative for me today as I have announced to some of my friends I will be stepping away from social media for awhile. I want to immerse myself in my photography. To do that I need to clear my head from thinking about what others are doing. I am still going to blog … it is my journal and it will be there whether people want to see it or not! I wish the best of luck to you in creating.

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