About Me


Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Thank you Dr. Seuss!!

Hi… I’m Lesley-Anne, a quirky, tattooed, vegetarian Photographer coming at you from Bonnie Scotland.

I am Dog Mum to a completely off the wall, crazy Springer Spaniel called Rigby + girlfriend of a bartending, tea drinking, musician. Passionate about photography for over 11 years, I went as far as to get qualified… go me!! Starting off retro in the Dark Room, I progressed to a Diploma in Professional Photography 7 years ago + have since decided to gain further knowledge with an Advanced Diploma.

Qualifications only get you so far in art though, it is definitely the creativity that separates the masses + am I brimming with it? I hope so!

In the beginning of my career I blended in with the masses… with conventional, mainstream style photography but I’m not a conventional, mainstream kinda gal. It was time to bring out the A game, with a passion for alternative, non-formal, candid style photography my ambition is to provide honest, natural images that document the perfectly imperfect moments of any shoot.

Wither it is Weddings, Portraits or Events the informal moments always bring the most life to the story. Don’t get me wrong… we all love a posed photo that your mammy or granny would be proud to hang on their wall… but lets do it in a way that is unique, personal + keeps your memory of the moment alive.

As a self proclaimed travel-addict with a hope of emigrating to Tenerife, I am happily available for work Worldwide. Drop me a mail for bookings: younglesleyanne@yahoo.com.




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